Software Engineer (JavaScript / HTML 5) | Utrecht

Job Description: A Software Engineer (JavaScript / HTML 5) is responsible for developing interactive graphical design applications for web enabled devices across desktop and mobile devices. You’ll be working in a small elite team on hard to solve problems. Your focus will be on building world class applications that utilizes cutting edge client-side technology. You will be responsible for designing, developing, testing, maintaining and improving the web applications, such as the photo book, calendar, canvas and phone case editors. Main responsibilities:

  • Develop robust, testable and maintainable software solutions
  • Understand, implement, improve, advocate and design the architecture of our software.
  • Guaranty testability, write unit tests, and write high quality code that rarely fails tests.


  • At least 3 years experience in a similar position.
  • Experience with HTML, JS, CSS.
  • Experience with MVC in JS.
  • Experience with Selenium.
  • Experience with Jira is an advantage
  • Experience with Closure or other JS frameworks.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to bridge IT and business users.
  • Excellent analytical skills, structured, logical thinking even when working in a fast-paced environment under tight timeframes.
  • Fluency in English

Vacants: 1

Senior iOS-Android developer | Utrecht

Job Description: As a software engineer in the mobile apps competence, you work on world-class mobile app technology. We translate the vision of the departments and other company businesses into mobile apps. This means working on complex algorithms, creating intuitive and innovative interfaces to technology, and data collection for research and business purposes.

Required experience and capabilities:

  • Native iOS and Android Developer
  • Deep knowledge of iOS App development and/or Android App development
  • Excellent coding skills in Java, C and C++, Objective C
  • Relevant experience in test driven development
  • Strong competence on UI development, custom drawing, custom animations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong analytical, conceptual and creative thinking skills
  • Be eager to invest in personal and team growth on a daily basis
  • Competence on Agile software development, working at least more than 1 years in project according to the Agile method, including scrum and XP
  • Fulltime available on-site
  • Coaching skills and architecture knowledge on mobile

Vacants: 1

Front end (.NET) | Valencia

Job Description: The candidates are accustomed to working in dynamic environments .NET development projects, whereby English will be used as the corporate language. We incorporate people with more than five years experience in developing applications in the environments that are described below. Traveling is not a requirement at the moment but could be required later on.
The location of the person will be in Valencia, but other locations could be possible. We enable ongoing internal training to provide the best service to our domestic and international customers. The projects are varied, differing in development platforms and parameterization. Knowledge of Java is a plus.


  • 4+ years of overall programming experience with .NET and/or Azure in Microsoft technical stack.
  • Highly experienced in Microsoft MVC Framework and ASP.NET.
  • Experience with JQuery, AngularJS, KnockoutJS or similar technologies is a plus.
  • Experience with tools such as MSMQ, Redis, HADOOP, ActiveMQ, or MQ Server is a plus.
  • Experience with MS SQL server is required.
  • Working knowledge of developing cross-browser UI’s.
  • Experience with Agile/SCRUM software engineering processes and methodologies.
  • Proficient in OO Design Principles and design patterns.
  • Experience working in SOA technologies and developing RESTful APIs.
  • Experience with unit testing or have exposure to Test-Driven.
  • Development(TDD) and Business Driven Development(BDD).
  • Solid data modeling and programming skills primary with MS SQL but NoSql experience is a plus.
  • 1+ years of proven systems architectural experience is a plus.
  • Must possess a high energy and a sense of urgency.
  • Experience excelling within fast paced, high-energy environments.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multitask required.

Vacants: 1

Senior JAVA J2EE Software engineer | Valencia

Job Description:


  • Excellent Java development experience (J2EE) & deep knowledge of Java JDK
  • +3 years of experience developing Java, C++, or C# based server applications
  • Knowledge of databases an requirements, experience with persistence frameworks desired
  • Strong object oriented design techniques, and reusable component design
  • Familiar with unit-test development
  • Working proficiency (verbal and written) in English

Good to Have

  • Agile methodology experience
  • Vaadin experience
  • Linux knowledge
  • Continue integration experience
  • Maven, Git, Spring, Hibernate, knowledge

Vacants: 1

Software engineer / Programmer cloud

Job Description: Trabajando en una multinacional del software desde España, realizarás apasionantes tareas de estudio, diseño y desarrollo de una plataforma futura, mientras desempeñas tareas del día a día en la solución cloud actual.
En equipos de desarrollo, UX, testing y marketing distribuidos por todo el mundo, eres responsable de aportar tu conocimiento en la mejora continua del ciclo de desarrollo y colaboración de los equipos.
Como se puede observar, buscamos un perfil all-round. Por la mañana puedes estar trabajando en la parte front-end mobile, y por la tarde trabajar en back-end FaaS o nuestra solución cloud actual.


  • .NET framework, JavaScript, React Native, Entusiasmado por servicios cloud
  • Tienes más de 3 años de experiencia
  • Tienes titulación en ingeniería de software o similares
  • Dispones de habilidades en multiples plataformas de desarrollo de software, web, patrones de diseño y despliegue cloud
  • Dispones de amplios conocimientos de .NET framework, C#,, JavaScript, JQuery, client-side MVC frameworks y Microsoft SQL Server
  • Eres hábil (escrito y hablado) con el inglés
  • Acostumbrado a trabajar en entornos AGILEs (SCRUM)
  • Familiarizado con TDD, BDD, DDD.

Vacants: 2

Data Scientist | Valencia

Job Description: The data scientist team members we are looking for understand how to integrate multiple systems and data sets. They need to be able to link and mash up distinctive data sets to discover new insights. This often requires connecting different types of data sets in different forms as well as being able to work with potentially incomplete data sources and cleaning data sets to be able to use them.Of course the data scientist needs to be able to program, preferably in different programming languages such as Python, R, Java, Ruby, Clojure, C#, Matlab, Pig or SQL. They need to have an understanding of Hadoop, Hive and/or MapReduce. In addition the need to be familiar with disciplines such as:

  • Natural Language Processing: the interactions between computers and humans.
  • Machine learning: using computers to improve as well as develop algorithms.
  • Conceptual modelling: to be able to share and articulate modelling.
  • Statistical analysis: to understand and work around possible limitations in models.
  • Predictive modelling: most of the big data problems are towards being able to predict future outcomes.
  • Hypothesis testing: being able to develop hypothesis and test them with careful experiments.

The exact background of a data scientist is of less importance. Great data scientists can have different backgrounds such as econometrics, physics, biostatistics, computer science, applied mathematics or engineering.


To be successful data scientists should have at least some of the following capabilities:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Being able to work in a fast-paced multidisciplinary environment as in a competitive landscape new data keeps flowing in rapidly and the world is constantly changing.
  • Having the ability to query databases and perform statistical analysis.
  • Being able to develop or program databases.
  • Being able to advice senior management in clear language about the implications of their work for the organization.
  • Having an, at least basic, understanding of how a business and strategy works.
  • Being able to create examples, prototypes, demonstrations to help management better understand the work.
  • Having a good understanding of design and architecture principles.
  • Being able to work autonomously.

Vacants: 1

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