Law practice management software

law software

They are those software that allow you to efficiently manage most of the tasks required within the legal management that are carried out in professional law firms.

With this type of software you can easily locate the files that interest you at any time, being able to associate to each file the necessary documentation, documentation that you can compose using the word processor, and you can send to your customers, via email.

Most of this legal software has several modules in order to manage your legal study without having to use other applications, centralizing all operations in one place. This way you will have accurate and consistent information when you need it.


Legal document management software

The difficulty involved in handling a legal document management is given mainly for the complex structure they have. Legal documentation is generated with the creation, application, dissemination and investigation of the law and the legal document is nothing other than the expression of legal information.

The legislative, jurisprudential or doctrinal content of this information has its own characteristics that we will mention below.

  • Typed documents: This document is defined according to a specific action or omission, which is assigned a sentence or penalty. As an example we can mention: the law, a judgement, a resolution, agreements, acts among others.
  • Sources: It is the information that is very specific and can be identified well in accordance with the origin of the document or by specialized publications such as official bulletins.
  • Controlled documents: are those documents that have confidential information which there is a strong control of security and safeguard due to the reliability of the text.
  • Limited validity: they are documents that according to a legal procedure can be revoked or has a definite expiration time.
  • Language used: legal documentation is always defined by a special language and its own.
  • Defined structure: documents in both jurisprudence and legislation must have a structure according to their content.
  • Advertising: after issuing a law or judgment it is important to make known these legal documents so that the given ordinance can be put into practice. The state usually facilitates publication using media such as official bulletins, official journals, and more.


A normative document has the following structure:


  • Title: the title of the rule, date of approval, official number and rank.
  • Explanatory statement: the reasons for approving the judgment or standard will be mentioned.
  • Articulated: It is the text where the norm is collected. According to how the range and the extension of the text are structured with titles, chapters, sections and articles.
  • Provisions: Are the texts that can be added and can contain, transitory and final paragraphs, which allow to point out the application regime and its effects.


A sentence on its part has a well-defined structure.

  • Headline: this section places the data of the litigants who are the ones who file the complaint, the litigants are the denounced, the magistrate, the rapporteur, the subject and the date of the litigation in which the trial ends.
  • Factual background: it allows to indicate the subject that is being judged mentioning the procedural vicissitudes and of how the trial was carried out.
  • Fundamentals of the law: this is where the doctrinal and legal principles applied.


  • Judgment or sentence: it is the operative part of the judgment mentioned in the document.

Advantages of using legal management software


By using any of these systems, you will be able to control all the efforts and tasks derived from the management of legal files in a simple way and in this way to be able to control and manage the files.

You can link all the documents associated with the file with a single click, allowing to define the performances of your buffet and facilitating the integration with the software of Microsoft Office, or using of free software, with the department of Billing, accounting, among others.

Through the use of these programs you will be able to see modules such as those of judicial processes, extrajudicial, mediations and all type of file from legal or administrative nature. Showing an automated preparation of trades, documents, citations, letters among others and the best of all serials.

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