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Nowadays, the growing number of European companies keep searching for possibilities to benefit from the global procurement of software development services.

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E-commerce software development
E-commerce software is the engine behind the scenes of an online store, allowing you to easily manage inventory, add or delete products, calculate taxes and everything you need to manage a website and meet orders.


Ecommerce software simplifies complex processes in a user-friendly user interface that enables non-technical people to oversee a full e-commerce operation. Despite the ease of use of e-commerce software that it brings to an online business, it is a multi-faceted and complex machine.


With e commerce software you can sell physical products, digital products, services, subscriptions, memberships, etc. It will all depend on the type of ecommerce site you want to build, but right below are some of the items you can find and sell on the Internet:

  • Jewellery
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Beauty Products
  • Training Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Art
  • Food and thousands of other product categories.


Obviously this is an extremely short list in terms of the actual range of products you can sell online. However, it gives you an idea of the versatility and power that comes along with an e-commerce platform.


The nearshoring symbolizes that a business has changed jobs to a lower-cost organization, but within its own region, widely defined.


With nearshoring you will be able to allow your e-commerce software to transfer business processes to companies in a nearby country, where both parties will expect to benefit from one or more of the following dimensions of proximity: geographical, temporal (time zone), cultural, linguistic, economic, political or historical linkage.

Solutions for ecommerce

E-commerce software provider Koukio

At Koukio we have specialists ready to provide you with software for your e-commerce according to your needs since an e-commerce platform is a complete software tool that allows merchants to build a digital store and manage it for their products or services. Because e-commerce platforms create a centralized digital hub for product and customer data.

These allow e-commerce companies to do things like customize product information, manage content and web design, allow online transactions to occur and adjust the platform according to the online needs of businesses.

If you have decided to build your own store and want to choose the best platform. A lot of software developers from reputed like Koukio and other online stores give you all sorts of tools, and this can be somewhat confusing when choosing the right one for you.

Shopify, Big Commerce, Volusion and Magento are among the best e-commerce platforms. However there is one thing to understand and is that none of them is perfect and each has its own limitations and advantages.

Magento is probably the leader, though you may need to team up to develop your website rather than a single developer. Magento has high security, good service, large extension number, making it difficult to use and requires time to reach the learning curve and be a great expert.

Shopify provides a hosting solution with a free 14-day trial for its users, which means that all security, payment and hosting problems are taken care of. In fact, Shopify supports most of the categorical goals of products, making it the top candidate for many.

For example, you have the opportunity to build a multi-vendor market, and Shopify will provide you with tools to sell digital products. However, sometimes Shopify has a lack of features but in some cases many complex functionality. It is designed to make it very easy to customize the basic look, but it does not give you more options to customize.

Bigcommerce is a good platform to be used to boost a travel website, but its price is difficult, especially when budgeting for the website.

Software developers

Price of good e-commerce software: nearshore development

Ecommerce is an economical way to sell products and services; however, you have to spend a lot of time researching how to establish or create forms for your website, or if you have to pay high hourly fees for someone to do it for you, and that’s when the reduced cost business model starts to become A bit expensive.

For e-commerce retailers that sell items such as e-books, music, movies, bitcoins or services such as graphic design, there are several e-commerce software with great prices that can give you all the forms you need so that Establish your e-commerce business that is economical and easy to manage.

If you understand free code, you have the platform of Magento, this one has a version in Castilian, which is free. The problem is that if you do not have a certain level of computer skills you need (seriously) to install it.

A custom installation would cost you from 5,000 euros onwards, integrating a simple ERP, and including hosting, so free, free, really are not. On the other hand a solution from an independent supplier will cost you around 6,000 – 7,000 euros.

There are also tools to create virtual stores without having technical knowledge, hosting or own domain such as Xopie covering your own domain, design, legal advice, digital marketing, payment methods and trust stamps, from 19.99 euros per month without VAT.

There are also two other Spanish suppliers like Tiendalista whose price is from 27 euros per month without VAT, and Mabisy from 29 euros per month without VAT. On the other hand there are foreigners like Shopify at $ 79 a month, but the back-end, which is nothing other than store management, is in English, and hosting providers that also offer basic online sales platforms to 24 , 99 euros per month.