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Nearshoring for insurance software

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Nowadays, the growing number of European companies keep searching for possibilities to benefit from the global procurement of software development services.

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Insurance software development
Nearshoring is a business outsourcing process where we offer extensive services from information technology to the development of all types of insurance software.

The nearshoring strategy is based on proven expertise in technology and outsourcing to help customers turn their companies into high-performance businesses. When we see nearshoring for insurance software development we certainly see how this helps companies to improve their processes, manage customer operations and focus on their core business.

Nearshoring for insurance company software will provide true end-to-end solutions: from document retention to document management.

This process will help you to operate and improve your insurance business, including the following:

  • A unique experience in the field of outsourcing in insurance business processes.


  • Technological innovation and implementation of insurance software suitable for your needs.


  • Creating value through the improvement of the business performance of our clients and excellence in the execution of the use of the software.


  • Integrity, assuming responsibility, acting ethically and fostering an honest and open debate in the SWOT matrix of insurance software and thus improve it.


Koukio is a software developer for insurers.


Whether you are on a specific project or looking to provide solutions to other companies, customers come to you for personalized advice and care. Koukio as a software developer for insurers, knows that protection is an absolute priority, in case something goes wrong.

With Koukio you can create a policy that protects your facilities and your customers, in addition to any specialized equipment or tools. If you work on your own or hire people, it is fast because you have quality coverage, all in one policy.

s leading to a more direct relationship. Terms such as transfers, CRM and e-business are becoming more and more common in this environment.

Why Koukio

Why do insurance companies need Koukio as a software developer?

You need it because of the following circumstances:

  • Liability insurance is often an important coverage for companies as it can protect you if someone is injured or your property is damaged due to your business. Koukio offers extensive experience in creating software that can protect the costs that may affect your company.


  • As it provides the best insurance software so they can easily handle professional liability insurance which is nothing more than a vital formality for all companies that give advice or offer professional services to other companies. And it covers your back in case you give him a faulty advice that causes a financial loss to a client.


  • If your business has employees, contractors, workers or temporary staff, the law requires you to take out liability insurance for employers. Since this insurance will cover the claims of employees who have been injured or become seriously ill as a result of working for you and if your insurance company does not handle software that can handle under control this type of insurance will have serious problems in a Next future.

Developer for life insurers

Koukio as Software Developer for Life Insurers


We have extensive experience in providing solutions for life insurance companies that provide individual life, group life, disability, and wealth management. Our clients manage large volumes of new business, subscription and claims processing.

We understand that the systems of Policy Management and Claims Processing have been integrated with systems many known systems. We have experience in improving and speeding up the exchange of information with third-party service providers through the generation and reception of messaging. We offer integrations with numerous applications and other basic service providers.

At Koukio we combine integrated document management, workflow management, business process management and records management into a single application and offering it as our pioneering solution in this highly competitive field.

Koukio can develop Insurance Software that can manage digital content, including scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, web content, multimedia files, emails and industry-standard files such as DOCX, XML and ACORD.

This software also gives organizations the ability to automate business processes, thereby reducing the time and cost of performing important business functions, improving organizational efficiency while addressing the need for regulatory compliance through management, Control and digital content sharing with employees, business partners, customers and other groups.

Koukio provides extensive benefits through simplified processes, reduced costs, increased internal controls, enhanced auditing assistance and enhanced customer service. Our Insurance solutions allow organizations of different sizes and characteristics to improve productivity levels by addressing the specific needs of documents within each business area.