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Integration for legal firms
Nowadays it is fundamental that legal firms use digital tools to allow a continuous integration interacting with other specific systems, so it is often necessary to develop new plugins that can understand the functionality of the platform. Due to this it is necessary before a choice of software to evaluate the simplicity of the mechanisms offered by the systems when providing a personalized functionality.


When discussing an assessment of the level of integration that different tools have in software development for legal firms, different tools are used to continuously integrate with version control systems, as well as to evaluate the level of code integration as it happens with the well-known checkstyle, PMD, among others.

Law office management

Law office management software


The software for law firms have gained lots of importance because they allow you to manage your files without having to take annoying annotations, review the processing statements of a case, see with all the details the files of the clients, to be able to carry out an economic management, to manage the tasks to be carried out and the deadlines of deliveries, among other things.


These programs are usually very versatile and simple to configure, not only facilitating the management to the large law firms but also allows small offices to use them. The easiest file management system will allow you to incorporate an enclosed documentation system, where you can design documents in Word, PDF or Excel and attach them to the files that way when you locate a file you can quickly access all of your information, including all the documents associated with the case.


According to our experience we will mention certain important points that must have a software for lawyers.


  • You can create an Outlook contacts calendar.


Having an agenda of this style will allow you to configure it according to your needs and to be able to have different views like for example: of a day, weekly, monthly, etc., also to be able to control all the actions pending to finish and to allow the data of the agenda can be exported to different formats, to be able to be loaded in devices PDA from it is vital.






  • A customizable management of actions.


Having a complete performance management system, where you can control the different actions associated with each file, will allow you to keep track of the time of each performance and the calculation of the minutes.


  • Software that is adapted to the current LOPD (Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data).


It is essential that the management system to be chosen is adapted under the current LOPD, allowing you to create different users and assign them privileges of access to the information according to their position.


  • An excellent SMS and Post office delivery.


Most of the management software for legal firms incorporates several e-mail sending programs, from which you can send emails individually or massively to your customers or suppliers, where you can create templates and use them for example to inform your clients of the status of your files.


  • Billing and accounting adapted to current P.G.C


Have the most complete account manager, from which you could check and record the different movements of the files from viewing the expenses, provisions and fees by using the billing option.


The task of choosing a software has been a complicated task that many programs do not have that kind of modules. And it is very necessary that in these modules of invoices can carry an efficient control of the invoices made and to know first-hand the state of the same ones.


  • Operation of the network


Being able to work in a network with many computers connected in a synchronized way provides a great advantage as you can see the management of client files, procurators, lawyers, courts, agencies and suppliers in real time, allowing a versatile configuration according to the needs of the moment, and to be able to use a document manager to create circulars, letters, reports, invoices, etc.


Being able to manage all kinds of files both in the judicial and extrajudicial field for his law firm is of vital importance. Since this is a very useful tool for the management of all kinds of offices, allowing you to work efficiently in all tasks of legal activity.