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Pharmaceutical software development
Pharmaceutical companies are currently looking to make the most of the benefits of nearshoring in the development of pharmaceutical software. In this time, a growing trend in the pharmaceutical sector has been observed with more than 70% of the health clients who have shortened expenditures by applying this strategy and allowing them to maintain higher levels of control and visibility in the market.


The health and pharmaceutical industry is dedicating important resources to research and development and the global drug market is expected to grow to more than 800 billion Euros this year. To be based on this, companies across the sector are evolving their business models and are now considering closely implementing the nearshoring for the development of pharmaceutical software as an efficient method to continue steady and sustained growth.


By outsourcing business processes such as information technology and pharmaceutical software development, with additional benefits of clear communication and cultural alignment, we see that nearshoring offers a wealth of opportunities for the sector to contribute to growth.


The combination of nearshoring – long-distance outsourcing was the trend model for a few years, technological advances are eliminating the need to hire large teams of workers in relatively remote areas.

ERP for Pharma

ERP Software for Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry globally has witnessed an uncontrolled growth in recent years boosted by rising demand levels in countries and strong demand from export markets. Changing market conditions and the legal environment, as well as cost cuts in the health sector, force pharmaceutical companies to adopt by ERP pharmaceutical software to react quickly and flexibly to changes to stay competitive.

The growing demand for new and improved pharmaceuticals has resulted in a highly competitive market, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in small and medium-sized enterprises were strongly pressured to maintain the increasing demand for the production of such pharmaceuticals in large quantities.

To keep all these processes and data in a system, pharmaceutical companies require robust and scalable pharmaceutical ERP software for this industry. The ERP system for the Pharmaceutical Industry is a flexible and most powerful pharmaceutical business management process that allows you to manage all critical business functions in any business process.

The enterprise resource planning system integrates and automates the main functionality of an organization, facilitating the flow of information between the different functions of a company, while allowing the exchange of information through the organizational unit.

The use of pharmaceutical ERP software is of great importance because the processes and controls required in pharmaceutical companies are very different from other companies. These processes are controlled and followed in an appropriate manner, able to take charge of all operations from planning to sales and always following the guidelines established by the GMPc.

Solutins for Pharma Industry

Benefits of using ERP software for the Pharmaceutical Industry


  • It allows to achieve a greater production by means of the simplification of all the processes.


  • It allows to easily manage the accounting of all sales and purchases of the company.


  • This software allows to accurate visualization of operational performance by managing inventory control.


  • It lets the company save time and operating costs.


  • You can supervise the distribution of manufactured products.


  • Customer service can be improved.


  • It provides comprehensive reports in which you can have multiple reports in ERP that give you the list of all your business transactions.


  • It allows making timely decisions for the ERP business anywhere, from any device and at any time.


  • The company can Tracking the inventory, because it is an important factor and maintaining the stock of each raw material. The manufacturing pharmaceutical industries have different departments like production, quality review, sale, among others, and being able to know the current state of each process has become vital.


  • It lets to have a clear visibility in cost management across the industry is of great importance.


  • It even allows to take accounting easily for all types of accounts of the customer and sellers.