Optimal data storage and performance for your business

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix discovered years ago that the traditional three-tier data center architecture was not adequate for the need for a flexible, scalable, reliable and high-performing datacenter infrastructure. If you have a computer room with cabinets full of servers and data storage, it is time to renew it.

“The big box of hard drives” as it is also called the traditional SAN with plenty of processor and memory power. Now there is something new: the hyperconverged infrastructure solution. A hyperconverged infrastructure is an infrastructure in which servers and storage devices are bundled into a single device. This is both the server and the storage that is arranged or managed by the Nutanix solution. The advantage? Optimal data storage and performance for your business. No slow disks anymore, but small and fast SSD´s.
All in one

We use it ourselves, running our complete cloud environment on the Nutanix solution and we offer it to our customers as well. All servers of the past are now merged into a single node. The advantage is that the environment is infinitely flexible, you can add nodes based on resource needs. That makes it horizontally scalable. We managed to get rid off the IT loft full of racks and servers for data storage, or else!
3 step migration plan

The Nutanix solution may also be of interest to you, when you do not want to have more local servers. It also saves costs. When you purchase the solution as a service, you do not need any more large investments in hardware. We also assist you throughout the migration process:

Step 1: Current environment inventory
If you want to migrate to another data center and start using Nutanix, we start with an inventory of the hardware and software you are currently using.
Step 2: The migration plan
At this point in the process we examine the possibilities to realize the migration as flexible as possible and with the minimal downtime possible. The goal is not the migration to the data center, the objective is to optimize the performance of your environment.
Step 3: The migration to the new system
A team of system administrators, consultants and the necessary professionals performs the migration in which we use Veeam. This software makes it possible to perform the migration in the shortest possible time. In some cases it is also possible to carry out a live migration.

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