Business analysis and requirements gathering.
Testing team works closely with business analysts to prevent inconsistent ambiguous requirements in specification.
Creation of a test plan and test cases
KOUKIO´s team creates a well-balanced strategy with an optimal mix of manual and automated testing. Each requirement in specification is transformed into a test case, in order to cover as much specified behavior as possible.
Functional Testing
Reporting and bug tracking
Once we have completed each test, we deliver a comprehensive prioritized report with all the quality issues we discovered. Each bug status is documented and is tracked throughout the life cycle.

Our team uses systems, such as Atlassian Jira, MS Test Manager and Open Source tools.

Automated Testing

Benefit from Koukio´s relationships with industry-leading suppliers to deliver innovative and superior testing tools and the best practices to automate your functional, regression, performance testing and security coding processes.

Our global reach in integrated technology solutions solve the most extreme business challenges.

CodAudit Software

In order to improve quality and safety and minimize software code maintenance, source code audits should be part of the process of software development, implementation and/or purchase of any software application.
This technique also focuses on improving the skills of the developers involved, through open discussion on the best possible (remediation) program, activity which is always much more complex and costly when performed afterwards.
The lack of maturity of open source management processes, in most organizations, makes it difficult, or even impossible, to know the open source and cryptographic content in a software code base. If your business, engineering, and legal teams don’t know what’s in your code, or where it is, they can’t take the proper steps to ensure you that your code isn’t exposed to security, legal, and operational risks.

If you require the best source code it is essential to establish good programming practices and also to use tools that help manage the quality and safety of the source code.

There are tools available which diagnose the quality of your software based on multiple measurement metrics and code security rules for identifying potential vulnerabilities. Our processes are fine-tuned and our expert consultants are trained to provide the responsiveness, speed, and discretion required to reduce business risk, meet deadlines, and provide you with the information and confidence you need to swiftly take action.