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Information technologies have become a key part of banking entities because they allow us to carry accounting, assets, manage customers, human resources, apply controls and automate a myriad of activities that allow sustained growth over time.

Thanks to mobile devices, laptops and large-capacity servers, computing makes possible applications for social networks and e-commerce, as well as getting to see real-time market data, information technologies open up new business opportunities with greater competitiveness.

In order for this to function properly, it is necessary for technology managers to occupy a strategic place in the organization’s organizational chart. By this means the bank will assume that the area of information technology is not a cost generator but a value generator with a global focus.

This approach implies that the implementation of information technology must be compatible with the general policy of the organization, and should materialize in a strategic plan with the banking computer system to be used, as a support of existing needs both short and taking into consideration the general objectives of the organization and to be as real an expression as possible of the information technology policy adopted.


The bank software provider’s technology


Day after day are more and more financial institutions require the new technologies to manage their business effectively. The banking sector is very complex and not flexible, and many banks have had to use new tools that fit their needs. However, the search for the best software for banks can be long and heavy. In addition, very few companies find what they are looking for, or fail to implement a new system.

A strategic software for banks can count on many modalities that will work according to the requirements that are wished to cover, that is why we mentioned some important characteristics that must be taken into account.

  • Manage transfers from one account to another, as well as the income of bank debts and credits in a smooth and smooth way.
  • Organize customer data and maintain constant contact to have a loyalty from clients. Also, have the option of being able to send them emails or informative SMS messages.
  • Allow to manage and distribute quickly and efficiently all the documents that are handled in the bank.

Banking software can easily be installed in the cloud or on a server for real-time information management and decision-making in a versatile way.

Software used in banks

Increasingly, the banking sector needs to increase sophistication and innovation in its services. To be connected to the needs of clients whose habits of access and relationship go through a constant evolution.

Faced with different consumer profiles, which use various access platforms, social networks and means of payment, financial companies must not only function better, but also offer increasingly intelligent services.

The interactivity is not only related to the requests of a client but, mainly, to the response that a company delivers to the requisitions and needs, in order to develop a healthy and agile relationship.

However, the relationship must be based on a combination of security and trust, which allows the transparency and stability of the bank information of its accountants. Access, relationship and security are critical points for the success of the bank that thinks about its future and adapts to the new client profile.

The software most used by banks are:


  • SAP
  • Software INGENIUM  ERP
  • Software 1 CONTACT
  • 2byte Soluciones Informáticas S.L.
  • 4GFlota
  • 8sens Ibérica
  • A&T Sistemas de Información, S.L.
  • Software Abaco Iberica de: ERP
  • Software Abast Systems: ERP
  • Software Actio Procesos & Tecnología: ERP & CRM
  • Software ActivaInfo: ERP
  • Software ADAMS Formación
  • Software Adding Plus
  • Software ADIGAL: ERP
  • Software ADN: ERP
  • Software ADV Soluciones Informática: ERP
  • Software Advantia Global Solutions
  • Software AG Informática y Servicios SA: ERP
  • Software AGCS Boss System: ERP
  • Software AGP: ERP
  • Software AGROPTIMA
  • Software Ahora Freeware: ERP & CRM
  • alba ibusiness solutions
  • Albada Informática – databanking Software
  • Software ALBEN
  • Software Alceo Technologies: CRM
  • Software AlierSGA
  • Software Allenta Consulting
  • Software ALTAI Soft: ERP
  • Software Altitude
  • Software Amplya: ERP
  • Software Asersa: ERP
  • Software Anfix: ERP
  • Anubía Soluciones en la Nube, S.L.
  • Software Aon Solutions: ERP & CRM
  • Software Aplimedia: ERP
  • Software app2U

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