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Most insurance brokerages today opt for insurance software, which helps them manage their day-to-day and error-free work. Cloud storage will help you access your files and data from anywhere that further increases flexibility. And also all the documentation will be free of paper. Helping a little the environment and avoid having to open spaces for the accumulation of papers that eventually become waste.

Today technology has made leaps and bounds in the ecosystem of insurance companies’ software and we can hardly keep up with all the changes that are taking place in many technological and economic areas. Since everything is affected by the digital age, in particular the insurance industry.

Digitization around our professional and personal lives has had a huge impact on how we perceive traditional risks such as illness, car crashes, theft, among others, bringing with it a completely different vision regarding potential new risks and non-insurers. Can overlook:

  • How to secure a car shared by several people in the city?
  • How can we ensure a residence with solar panels installed on the roofs affecting one of the fire insurance?
  • Is it feasible to ensure genetic, banking, and other data against theft?
  • How do you secure a business against cyber-attacks?

Radical economic, political and technological changes are forcing the insurance industry to put everything in question and seek innovation. Insurance brokers have always acted as a nexus between the consumer and insurance companies, are perfectly placed to develop new initiatives and maintain their critical position in the market.

For this reason, the highest priority of each corridor is:

  • Learn and adapt to new digital tools in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.
  • Recruit new customers and have control of them in cloud storage.
  • Retain existing customers.

That’s one of several ways to ensure growth through the use of insurance broker software. However, not all brokers have the advantage of adapting their strategy to reality to survive in this digital era.

Insurance Brokerage Solutions

The solutions that an insurance brokerage software must provide are:

  • It has to provide service to your customers, allowing your team immediate access to the information they need to provide a superior customer experience, and their customers have the self-service capacity 24 hours a week.
  • To increase revenues and profitability: with the software you gain the capabilities that the broker needs to acquire new customers and sell more to existing customers through integrated technologies that allow you to do more work without increasing expenses.
  • With the software you improve your business management: Get the financial and accounting reporting tools you need to successfully manage and control your business.

Working anywhere and at any time is one of the solutions that cloud storage software allows your computer and its customers to interact when, where and how they want.

Open Source Insurance broker Software

Taking a slightly different approach we stumbled upon some open source software related to manage different processes within an insurance broker. Several of that software that are highly recommended in case you are starting your business is the SchemeServe insurance software to solve some of those issues related to endorsements.

Perhaps you wonder this question is it possible for open source software or, in fact, any other simple and basic desktop software to manage backups for you? We think so.

To develop a backup management system for your insurance company, you don’t need complex tools. What’s more, most companies have Microsoft Office at their disposal. Although if you do not have it, we recommend that you use open source free Office software as an alternative.

These softwares come as a free office package that was developed from the Open Office Project, which came to a standstill when it was purchased by Oracle. The good news is that open source applications don’t die when their developers go through different tasks.

This is because the source code is available for everyone to use as they like, so LibreOffice is both a new brand of an old product as a new product.

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