Together with our Dutch partner, we renewed the BEAS platform

At seventeen I was the youngest Cobol programmer graduate ever. However, I had no idea what lay ahead. I started working at insurance company and have fulfilled all possible IT roles. Since 1999 I work for this company and it is now clear where my heart lies: between stock exchange insurances and our software product BEAS.

Completely renewed

Years ago, I was hired by Siemens for a project related to the BEAS software. Adabas Natural programming language was used at that time. For years, I have mainly done on my own the management and maintenance activities, which was a risk for Siemens. We saw the potential in BEAS and acquired it from Siemens in 2010. Important decisions were taken then, to urge a thorough renewal based on a new .NET / Oracle platform, whilst maintaining the software specialism. BEAS provides co-insurers and independent agents an up-to-date back-office system for their policy and claims administration.

It did not happen overnight

Initially there were two trading insurers using the platform and, we wanted more. After we moved the development and maintenance of Beas, in 2013, to our office in Spain, the customer base is constantly expanding .The Insurance group Generali is one of them, and the choice for BEAS did not happen overnight. Together, we analyzed the product for a year and developed all the improvements according to their needs. Exactly one year ago, it went into production.

That was a special milestone! If people at Generali indicate they notice, that we know exactly what is happening in the market and that we thought of everything, including a link to the electronic trading platform E-ABS and the latest specifications of Supervisors; it is the best way to recognize our expertise and good work.


After all these years in this specific market, we gained so much knowledge that we can really be considered one of the best “specialists”. The enthusiasm and passion of the team helps our clients more effectively to achieve their goals. The delivery of the new BEAS, positioned our team with a state of the art modern platform and all the associated knowledge. Developed with the same passion and customer focus, we also create and maintain customized software for other sectors such as: knowledge-intensive applications for medical and mission critical systems. We managed very early to successfully introduce smartphone and tablet applications in the market, which has helped us to achieve a lead position.

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