8 Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Software Project

Software development is a crucial process in any organization. It is because the software is the core of every business and helps the organization put other resources in use effectively.

When starting a new software project, there are a series of questions that need to be explored before diving headfirst into the development cycle.

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Questions to Ask to Your Software Development Company Before Starting the Development Project

We’ve collected 8 must-have questions to ask yourself and a potential development team before beginning a development process.

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  1. Do you have experience with similar projects?

Most IT companies work in different business sectors, however, it is important that your development partner has already worked on a similar project because otherwise they may not be aware of some topics.

So it’s a good idea to ask a development team about their previous experience.


  1. Can I see your portfolio, references, or client testimonials?

References and testimonials will tell you about how the team you want to hire has performed in the past. In addition, you can see the quality and types of projects they have developed.


  1. Do you understand my business model?

When the development team understands your business model and your target audience, they can build the product and meet your expectations and needs.

That’s why you should choose an IT company that not only provides development services, but has a business focus and can understand what you and your customers really need.


  1. What’s the Budget of the Project?

When a development team knows your budget, they can suggest you best solution according to it, or just refuse you and nobody will waste time.

To avoid these issues, sit down and ask yourself how much are you willing to spend on the project. Don’t forget to consider additional long-term maintenance costs.

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  1. What is the development process that is followed?

Every software development company has a development process that follows, which starts from planning and ends through delivery and maintenance. You must be sure of your development process to realize and understand its effectiveness in software development. Some things you can highlight are:

a) Team of software developers.

b) Internal communication between the team.

c) Team experience


  1. What quality process does the development company follow?

It is important to assign your project to a software development company that has a protocol to guarantee and measure quality. Quality control ensures that the project is tested internally, is good to carry out, and is ready to be released to end users.


  1. What value are we providing to our business?

Will the product help with sales? Will it provide impactful data? What is the reason our business is seeking to create the software?


  1. What is the implementation and maintenance strategy?

The software development project is reduced to its implementation and maintenance after the delivery of the project. The business must make it clear from the development company if they will support them with the implementation of the software in their system and ensuring maintenance once the project is delivered.

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