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Agile methodologies

Our software development Agile methodology is Scrum.

At Koukio we firmly believe in an Agile methodologies such as scrum. During the last years, we have gathered deep scrum knowledge and expertise.

By using this method for project management we prioritize teamwork, open communication and we can establish a concrete process towards a well-defined goal

The scrum methodology helps us avoid possible misinterpretations and the following errors, what allows us to make the most of our time and ensure your project success. 

agile development methodology
Scrum process: product backlog, daily scrum, sprint backlog, 30 days, potentially shippable, product increment

Scrum Process

It's up to you. From individual developers to full scrum teams, at Koukio Solutions we supply qualified and experienced software engineers ready to implement your projects.

The scrum process help to organize the tasks and increases work quality. It provides more control about schedule and the state of tasks and activities.

This process includes a list of tasks to be completed during the Scrum Sprint, and Daily Scrum, where the Scrum Team establishes fixed tasks and reviews the terms to Product Increment, all of this will be done during the set time.

Where everyone plays a role​

Scrum Master assures that the team members achieve their goals, solves the problems and also encourages Scrum Team autonomy.

Product Owner decides the product or service features and communicates the guidelines to the team members.

Development Team develops these ideas with assigned tasks to every team member.

SCRUM ROLES, scrum master, scrum owner and scrum development team

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