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Knowledge is power

We know that the right information in time is power. That is why at Koukio, we make it accessible for you Business Intelligence solutions that will empower your company. 

Our Business Intelligence software solutions help businesses make the most of the data they have. Therefore, by using the most advanced Business Intelligence programs you can have access to valuable and easy-to-understand information. Consequently, all of this can help you grow and gain a competitive advantage. 

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Our goal is to successfully solve the most complex challenges in data management. So, to accomplish this goal, we create platforms that integrate all the important knowledge of your company. Besides, our BI solutions, such as scorecards, improve data monitoring and data analysis by showing all the relevant information in a scorecard.

Business intelligence as a service

Firstly, learning how to use Business Intelligence programs can be challenging and sometimes time wasting. For that reason, we design easy-to-use and comfortable platforms, so you can make the most of it in a short period of time. 

Consequently, perfect Business Intelligence solution needs to be flexible enough to integrate with other management tools. Also, at the same time, it needs to accomplish all the necessary requirements to provide a secure reliable and secure service.  

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Increase your business productivity and efficiency with the right Business Intelligence Software.

B.I. Strategies

We provide strategic design and support with specific solutions for each company.


Manage your business analytics from a unique, intuitive and secure scorecard.

Organization Models

We develop advanced features of data generation and visualization.


Skills & Expertise

Unlock your business' profitability and growth

We use many of the actively tested, supported and approved frameworks, tools, and libraries. Moreover, we ensure future support and maintainability of developers. 

At Koukio, we address your business challenges with the right technology and the latest business intelligence tools.

Software Developoment Technologies and languages

Know our methodology

Scrum Methodology

Business Intelligence with Agile Methodology

This is the way how we work. We use an agile methodology to reach our client goals. 

Nearshoring is  the future, the solution

What is nearshoring

Your confident partner near you

Nearshoring it is an outsourcing model where your partner team is in a near country. Benefits of this option? 

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