Provide revitalises BEAS

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At the age of seventeen I was the youngest graduated Cobol programmer ever. However, I had no idea what to expect. I joined an insurance company and have now completed all possible IT roles. Since 1999, I have worked with Provide and now it’s clear where my heart lies: between stock market insurance and our BEAS software product.
Thoroughly renewed
Years ago, I was hired by Siemens for an assignment regarding their BEAS software. The special programming language ‘Adabas Natural’ was used to create this solution. For years, I mainly did the management and maintenance myself, which somehow was a risk to Siemens. Luckily, Provide saw good potential in BEAS and took over the services from Siemens in 2010. When asked for my opinion regading the future, I insisted on maintaining the software package in combination with a thorough renewal by building it on a new platform in .NET/Oracle. BEAS has since been very successful in providing co-insurers and authorized agents with an up-to-date back office system for their policy and damage management.
Better safe than sorry
Initially, two stock insurance companies decided to use our renewed product, which has kickstarted our business. After moving BEAS’ management and maintenance in 2013 to our location in Spain, the customer base has expanded considerably. One of our renowned customers is insurance group Generali, and their choice for BEAS did not go overnight. Together we have analyzed and further developed the product for a year to meet their needs. Just one year ago, the final solution was taken into production. That was a very special milestone! Because if the specialists at Generali state that they are convinced that we know exactly what is going on in their market and that we have taken care of all important aspects of their business (like a link with their E-ABS electronic trading platform, and the latest supervisory specifications), it really means something special.
Ahead of competition
After all these years in this particular market, we have gained so much knowledge and experience that we at Provide Tailored Services can truly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. The enthusiasm and quality of our team definitely contributes to the success of our customers. Because of the newly build solution of BEAS, we now have a whole team with the required knowledge and thus we not only can provide a modern platform, but also deliver all the necessary expertise.
With the same drive and customer focus, we develop, maintain and support customized software for other industries too, such as knowledge-intensive applications for medical organizations as well as business-critical back office systems. We have taken the lead in the market by successfully applying the development of apps and the necessary system integration right after the introduction of smartphones and tablets. We are truly ahead of competition!
Provide revitalises BEAS
Provide revitalises BEAS

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