How do I choose the right software development company?

Outsourcing software development services can save you time and money. Time and money that your company can spend on learning new skills, focus on the core business of your organization and also gain a competitive advantage. 

However, selecting a reliable and competent software development company can be complicated if you want to make sure your investment is profitable. So, it depends on who you choose to partner with, but how can you make sure you make the right choice?

As a business owner if you are looking to expand your development team, in this article you will find several points that you should put your attention to while looking for your software development outsourcing partner. 

1. Set your goals

First, specifically, define what you are looking for in a software development company. Determine which problems need to be solved and what do you need exactly from your future partner. Maybe you are looking for a bespoke software solution, then look for a custom software development company that can provide you the required software service. 

If you are looking for a long term relationship, your partner has to be reliable and have experience in the software sector. For that, you can start by checking how many years they have been providing the services that you need. Their expertise and their know-how can be essential for your business’ growth so that they can become a trusted partner. 


Goals software project

2. Cost-effective solution

Price matters, but you do you know what is more important? Quality, that’s why it is important to not fall for the lowest price on the market that usually means poorly written code, lack of documentation, poor communication between teams, etc. On the contrary, looking for the most cost-effective service can help you solve these problems and put your time and effort into your project.  

3. Open and direct communication

Open communication is another key area. Software outsourcing is not something you pay for and forget about it. To make the most of your investment it is necessary to constantly work with your team of developers. Make sure they understand which is the underlying goal of their work and the client requirements at a high level.

Outsourcing software development is not simple, that’s why it is necessary to create a transparent environment. Therefore, daily communication between both parties is essential for the project success.

Nowadays, many development teams work with an agile methodology called scrum. The scrum methodology implies higher communication between teams. At our company, our development teams work with scrum and they are constantly in touch with other team members from other countries in Europe using video chat, screen sharing, telephone calls, and online chats. This facilitates to create a virtual office environment where communication is constant and fluid

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4. Geographical and cultural proximity

To keep good communication between the team members we need to eliminate the language barriers. That is why teams should speak the same language. In Europe, the common language between teams is usually English. So, great language skills in English becomes a must when outsourcing services.

Also, working with teams not too far away from your company has many benefits. Working with a nearshore company can allow you meet the team more than once, plan trips to the other countries, do activities together to promote teamwork and improve the relationships, save time with planes two hours flight approximately.  

Outsourcing your software development services also means that the new team will become part of your team. For that reason, there should be some kind of cultural affinity between teams, so the team can act like one. 


5. Technology stack

When you look for your a software development partner make sure the team has expertise on your current technology stack. Also, the software development outsourcing team must show the required skills to work with a possible new tech stack, considering a plus the eagerness to constantly trying to update and expand their knowledge.

Software Technology Stack

6. Reviews of a dedicated team with proven success

Getting a dedicated team can help your project be ready earlier without sacrificing quality. The team members can help each other solving difficult situations and learn from others’ mistakes. To sum up, it can help the team grow and provide better and faster solutions. 

Researching previous clients reviews of the software development company you want to hire is also key to get to know the team a little better. For instance, you can look for reviews on Clutch, Google or Facebook. 

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Selecting the right software development partner for outsourcing your services is not an easy task. Therefore, you should spend enough time researching, comparing and doing the proper interviews with the companies you think will fit most with your business. Choosing the right partner can mean the success of your project.

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