15 Influential Women in Software Development

Women in Technology

In the software development field, we always hear famous names of men like Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, George H. Fairbanks, Uncle Bob, Mark Richards among others and few names of women


In the tech industry, especially in software development, women are scarce.

Perhaps the main barriers a woman encounters in this area are the gender gap, lack of mentors, lack of female role models in the field, gender bias in the workplace, unequal growth opportunities compared to men and last but not least, unequal pay for the same skills 


In Koukio Solutions we are proud to have in our team talented women who help the growth of the company.

We want to dedicate this post to them and to all women in the area of ​​software technology.

We may not name all of them, but they are all special and important to us.

Women in Technology

1.- Ana María Mihalceanu

She is a custom application development enthusiast, co-founder of Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community. 

In 2016, as tech passionate of cloud application development she achieved IBM Certified Application Developer – Cloud Platform v1. Since then, she has enriched her cloud expertise by learning and certifying as a Salesforce Developer.

2.- Adi Polak

She is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the big data industry. Skilled in Java, Scala, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Software Design. Strong engineering professional with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) focused in Software and Information Systems Engineering, Machine Learning program from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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3.- Elisabeth Hendrickson

She is responsible for R&D (both product management & engineering) for GemFire and associated Pivotal Cloud Cache product. She is the author of the book “Explore It!: Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing” where she uncovers surprises, risks, and potentially serious bugs with exploratory testing.

4.- Clare Sudbery

She is an experienced .NET and MVC software developer, working via continuous integration in an Agile environment. She has a particular interest in, and aptitude for, Test Driven Development. Code quality is very important to her, and she aims to write clean code which adheres to SOLID principles. She is a published writer and ex teacher, she has presented workshops and talks at national and international events and conferences and have exceptional communication skills.

5.- Mazz Mosley

She is a technologist with over 15 years experience across various sectors of this diverse industry.
She has held a variety of positions, VP, Tech Lead and senior engineer working in online advertising, digital agencies, e-commerce, an art start-up, government digital service and infrastructure tooling at docker inc.

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6.- Trisha Gee

She is a developer / technical advocate / educator, based in Spain and working remotely for JetBrains. She loves the combination of solving technical problems and working out the best way to teach other developers techniques that will make their lives easier. She is a leader of the Sevilla MongoDB and Java User Groups, and a key member of the London Java Community. In 2014 she became a Java Champion, and she is a 2015 MongoDB Master.

7.- Jessica Mauerhan

She is a senior Software Engineer, expert knowledge in LAMP stack, proponent of TDD/BDD, code review, pair programming and education. She is skilled in rapid development and problem solving with an attitude that anything is possible. Experienced with designing new applications as well as maintaining and improving legacy projects. Well-known speaker at PHP and Open Source conferences and user groups, often presenting on TDD and software design.

8.- Anna Shipman

She is a technical director and software developer living and working in London. She is a Technical Director for Customer Products at the Financial Times, leading on the award-winning FT.com website and the FT iPhone and Android apps.

9.- Hilary Weaver – Robb

She is a software quality architect, working with teams to help determine best tool for the job, testing strategies and techniques that will fit their project, as well as mentoring team members and building community around testing. International conference speaker on dev/qa relationships and REST service testing. She started Motor City Software Testers in Detroit because she felt that she needs to build a testers community in the area.

10.- Mala Gupta

She works as a Developer Advocate with JetBrains. Founder and lead mentor at eJavaGuru.com, Mala Gupta has been actively supporting Java certification as a path to career advancement. She has over 18 years of experience in software industry as an author, speaker, mentor, consultant, technology leader and developer. She conducts workshops and lectures at leading institutions like IIT Delhi. Moreover, Mala co-leads Delhi Java User Group and Women Who Code Delhi, she drives initiatives for diversity advocacy for Women in Technology.

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11.- Iris Classon

She is an appreciated speaker, writer, blogger, Microsoft C# MVP and member of MEET (Microsoft Extended Experts Team) with a tremendous passion for programming. She has had a remarkable career path that proves that nothing is impossible- switching from being a licensed and registered clinical dietician to a software developer with a dozen certifications and a full time developer job with renowned companies. She has been featured in several newspaper articles, online articles and podcasts such as Hanselminutes, Computer Sweden and Developer Magazine.

12.- Chiu – Ki Chan

She is an Android developer with a passion for speaking and teaching. Chiu-Ki is a Google Developer Expert in Android, she runs her own mobile development company. Through this venture, she’s produced apps such as Monkey Write which helps users learn Chinese writing.


13.- Tanya Reilly

She has been a Systems Administrator and Site Reliability Engineer at Google since 2005, working on      low-level infrastructure like distributed locking, load balancing, and bootstrapping. Before Google, she was a Systems Administrator at eircom.net, Ireland’s largest ISP, and before that she was the entire IT Department for a small software house. Right now, Tanya Reilly is a principal engineer at Squarespace, working on infrastructure and reliability.Also, she speaks at conferences about software reliability and the IC career path.

14.- Pearl Latteier

She is a senior software developer at Bendyworks in Madison WI, a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, and co-organizer of Madison’s Google Developer Group. She builds Rails and JavaScript applications for web and mobile, and she has spoken at conferences around the world on topics including Progressive Web Apps, Web Components, and Mobile Web Performance. 

15.- Liz Keogh

She is an independent Lean and Agile consultant based in London. She is a well-known blogger and international speaker, a core member of the BDD community and a contributor to a number of open-source projects including JBehave.

Women's World

At Koukio Solutions, we believe it is essential to have the role of women in technology

For women to have ease when entering the world of technology, education, training and access to digital tools are key.



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