Is Artificial Intelligence the new doctor?

Artificial Intelligence is making a difference in technological innovation. There are many subjects related to daily life that are improving in a fast way thanks to new solutions. One of the fields that are entering this paradigm shift the most is medicine. For that reason, many experts are talking about the Artificial Intelligence as doctor in the digital era. 

The benefits are multiple, such as the speed of reading, analyzing and processing large amounts of information relating to patients. These are some of the applications that are beginning to be carried out in medicine thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

artificial intelligence robots

Early detection of diseases

The introduction of Machine Learning in the field of medicine can help diagnose diseases in the early stages. The time it takes to detect health problems and is decisive in the most aggressive cases, so this can help save many lives.

For example, a recent study has concluded that thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Alzheimer’s disease can be detected with years of advantage over the definitive diagnosis. Through a programmed algorithm, they were able to determine the patterns of metabolism that correspond to this disease. Finally, the algorithm showed a sensitivity of 100% to detect it, also six years before the definitive diagnosis.

artificial intelligence robots

Another example is at the University of Valencia (Spain), where they work to detect breast cancer through an artificial intelligence system. The objective of this research is the early detection and prevent women from having to undergo a biopsy unnecessarily. In this way, it can be introduced as a system to perform diagnostics and support the specialist.

Support for doctors

The high capacity of artificial intelligence as doctor can create new tools that replace certain tasks within medicine.

However, this does not mean that these advances completely replace doctors, but rather work as a complement to develop their work more effectively and offer an improved diagnosis and treatment.

With Artificial Intelligence tools the doctors can detect diseases and obtain more information about patient in a shorter period of time 

There are many programs developed to help with specialists work. These new tools can be connected to databases that allow them to obtain more information about patients or diseases in a shorter period of time. 

ArtiQ, a startup born in a university in Belgium, has created a tool that helps doctor make a more effective diagnosis of lung diseases. This tools serves to offer a faster and more reliable evaluation of each patient. The software analyzes complex data, which is usually done with expert readers, according to 

The use of Artificial Intelligence makes it easier to evaluate the data and it is a great progress to make the work of the doctors faster in terms of detection and discrimination between diseases according to the symptoms presented by the patient.


Medicine is a changeable area and treatments are evolving over time. There are many advances that are being developed in a few years and this increases the chances of success in the medical proceedings. 

For example, robotics is helping to improve the traditional arm and leg prostheses. New advances are creating products where sensors can adjust movement with automated processes. In this way, injuries can be avoided and patients can be better controlled on their extremities. 

bionic eye

Every time there is more progress in the development of the bionic eye, a visual prosthesis that can replace the deficiencies of vision loss. An investigation by the University of Sydney is working on the creation of a microchip in the upper part of the eye with a camera to transfer the images to the microchip, which is connected to the nervous tissue. This could help the brain to interpret these images and stimulate the cells of the retina.

“A software system to measure the productivity of the employees ended with 300 people automatically dismissed”.

Another of the most notable changes is happening in surgery, where we can see the implementation of robotic supports to improve and help professionals. Thanks to these tools, the surgeon can expand the information and the field of vision in the surgical interventions.

Many researchers also work in the development of robotic assistants, a process that joins with Artificial Intelligence to bring to the market a service focused on assistance activities, such as residences, homes, hospitals … Artificial Intelligence allows these new machines to be capable of interact with people and develop the same tasks as a human being.

Medicine is growing every day and that technology is greatly favoring the incorporation of new advances.

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