Nearshoring, the trend that triumphs in Silicon Valley

Nearshoring, the new trend

ICT sector is turning around in a short time and more and more companies are innovating and creating new models to make the most benefit for everyone. The trend that is bringing success to many companies in United States and Europe is nearshoring.

Nearshore outsourcing software development services is already being demanded from many companies in Silicon Valley due to their great benefits. 

In this way, nearshore solutions offers many advantages compared to other older outsourcing models. Thanks to this, companies can hire services from a nearest country, with no more than 2 hours flight away approximately. 

Nearshoring Company

Therefore, people in United States have already noticed that if they hire services from companies with headquarters in Mexico or Costa Rica brings them multiple benefits that should not be missed. 

What benefits are we talking about?

Same time zone, less cultural differences

When you work with a company in a near country, there are probably points of union that make easy the daily work. When hiring a team to outsource services, the location is not always the priority, companies use to choose according to the costs or the company offer. However, the place where the team works can be an important factor to get a successful project.


Good balance between cost and quality

One of the main problems of traditional outsourcing models is find profitability, because in most cases suppose high costs. For that reason, many companies choose nearshore solutions, capable to keep the quality in the project and with competitive advantages. 

According to a study of CMC consulting in European call centers, in 45% of outsourcing business process there is a loss of productivity and quality when the companies are in farthest places. In this cases, it is easier to extend the time when answering a question or take longer to solve a problem.

“In 45% of outsourcing business process there is a loss of productivity and quality when the companies are in farthest places”.

High communication with nearshore solutions

Nearshoring software outsourcing solutions can improve the communication with the team. 

The secret to get a successful software project when you choose an outsourcing model not just depend on choosing the right team, but also to build a productive relationship between the two teams. So it is important to strengthen communication between the two parties and maintain a common work methodology. 

Working with a company that you can find closer can avoid communication problems. In addition, there is the possibility of holding face to face meetings when problems have to be solved or when the project requires it. 

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