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What is nearshoring?

In recent years, more and more companies trust on nearshoring partnerships to outsource their software services.

A nearshoring process is about transferring your companies’ services, or part of the work, to companies near your company’s location. For instance, if your company needs more specific technological services, custom software, and it proceeds to hire an external company.

The external company’s location it’s a very important factor to get professional results and get services specifically adapted to your needs. For this reason, nearshoring appears to help businesses outsource their services. Nearshoring is a kind of outsourcing process that allows greater proximity with partners.

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Working at the same time zone greatly impact workflows and it’s essential for the software project’s success.

Companies in Central and North Europe can hire services in a European near country  to start benefiting of the nearshoring process.


Software factory near you


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Nearshoring vs Offshoring

Nearshoring is when you work in Netherlands and you hire a team in Spain. Offshoring is a process where the external team can be much farther, for instance, you work in the Netherlands and you hire a team in Canada. 

In the last year, the number of companies interested in these kind of outsourcing models have increased exponentially.

Price is no longer the main factor in selecting a service delivery model. Instead, there are many of the many aspects to consider, along with productivity, cultural affinity and market expertise.

Benefits of Nearshoring in Spain

Nearshoring is preferred because of the advantages associated with the cultural, geographic, time and linguistic dimensions that this entails.

Same time zone

Spain is the most popular location for near-sourcing among companies that do business in Europe. Also,  we share similar cultural approach and same economic environment.

Best balance

The balance between talent, quality and costs has allowed Spain to emerge as a highly attractive country for global companies looking to establish specialized centers.​

Technological industry

The Spanish technological industry have grown together with its commitment to innovation and quality, as well as its rapid international expansion.

High communication

Both team are constantly communicating. Also, due to our geographically proximity we have the possibility to travel to your workplace for collaborations or meetings.

Control over your software

We will facilitate that all your ideas and projects will be implemented correctly by allowing you to take part in the decision-making process. 


City of Arts & Sciences

Valencia is known for its amazing weather but also,  you guessed it for its world-famous paella. This city opens a world of possibilities for everyone. Do you like discovering beautiful places? There’re plenty of parks and natural beaches waiting for you to come. Are you more interested in art? Culture is within everyone’s reach and you can visit their free museums. 

Lost of green parks to practice some running, yoga or other sports outdoors. Tasting great Mediterranean food or simply walking through the old town will make your day. 

city of art and sciences

Discover Valencia

Valencia is a tech-city with different technological universities and enormous possibilities for companies. It has a strategic location with an excellent communications’ red that connect this highly innovative city with other top cities in Europe. With modern infrastructures and competitive human capital, Valencia turns out to be one off the best cities to invest on.

Outsourcing your services in a company based in Valencia invites you to travel and discover your nearshoring partner and the city. Valencia is a city full of live, where sunny days are the rule and sitting with friends and family on terraces are a must.

Valencia is a modern, dynamic
and open metropolis

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