Optimized data storage and performance for your business

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Companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix have been aware that years ago, a traditional 3-tier data center architecture was insufficient for the need of a flexible, scalable, reliable and well-performing data center infrastructure. If you still have an IT space with full server and data storage cabinets, now it is time to refresh.
“The big box with hard drives” is also called the traditional SAN with processor power and memory. Now there is something interestingly new: the hyper-converged infrastructure solution. A hyper-converged infrastructure is an infrastructure where server and storage devices are bundled into one device. This is at the same time the server and storage runned or managed by the Nutanix solution. The big advantage? Optimized data storage and performance for your business. No more slow drives, but small and fast SSDs.
All in one
At Provide, we use it ourselves. Our complete cloud environment is running on the Nutanix solution and the Managed Services that we offer our customers also run here. All previous servers are now merged into one single node. The advantage of this is that the environment is infinitely flexible: you can add nodes based on resource requirements. This makes the solution horizontally scalable. That was completely different in the IT environment of the past, when the IT room was full of servers and storage devices!
Migration in 3 steps
The Nutanix solution may also be interesting to you. For example, if you no longer want local servers. It is also very cost-effective. When you buy the solution ‘as a service’, you don’t need to do major investments in hardware at all. And Provide not only provides these services, we also guide our customers throughout the entire migration process:
Step 1: Mapping the environment
When you want to migrate to another data center and use the Nutanix solution, we’ll start with an assessment of the hardware and software you are currently owning and using.
Step 2: Draw up the migration plan
At this point in the process, we look at the possibilities for migration to be as flexible as possible and with as little downtime as possible. The goal is not the migration to the data center; the goal is to optimize the performance of your environment.
Step 3: Systems migration
A team of system administrators, consultants and other required professionals performs the migration using Veeam. This software allows migration to be performed in a short as possible time-frame. And in some cases, it is also possible to perform a live migration.
Optimized data storage and performance for your business
Optimized data storage and performance for your business

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