The four keys for a successful
software development project

How to make a successful software development project

Can I improve my business by including a custom software? Will it help me grow and better manage aspects like the day to day of the company or the relationship with my clients? Definitely, an IT solution for your company can improve your business processes, but you must pay attention to a fundamental requirement: a custom software development project must be done in the right way and adjusted to your business. This is essential to get a successful final result.

Some of the requirements are complex and it can depend on the type of company or project. However, as a general rule, you should always ensure that these aspects are met.


How to build a software development team

First of all, it is vital to have a team of experts capable and valid for the project. Secondly, your clients’ needs have to be understood by all team members, not only the manager. Also, it is necessary to find the right specialists, who fit specifically to the company’s objectives. Only a small fault can cause the failure of the entire project. For this reason, it is essential to find a competent team of experts to reach success.

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Having this in mind, there are several requirements for your professional team. Your team must have extensive knowledge that serves to meet your specific project. It is highly recommended that you promote high levels of communication between the hired team and your company too. Also, to better achieve your company’s goals, it can be required to have some face-to-face meetings. Besides, in order to avoid future problems or undone tasks it is necessary to avoid communication problems in a software development process.

Nearshore software development company

For that reason, you will need that the outsourcing company location will be relatively close (no more than 2 hours of flight), which is know as Nearshoring solutions. If you want this solution, you must find software development companies near you. By this way, you can achieve perfect communication between the developers and your company, and therefore, a greater efficiency.

Teamwork is the key of success

In order to add more value to your project, the team members or a part of them should have experience with software development methodologies, such as Scrum. They must have expertise and skills about tools that they are going to use in the project, and even previous experience in the kind of project in which they are going to develop.

“Hiring a software development team in a location relatively close can help you achieve better communication between the developers and your company, and therefore, a greater efficiency”.

You must not forget another essential requirement if you want to achieve a successful software development project. The team members should have a high commitment to your project. So, it’s important that they resonate with the values of your company. In addition, the perfect situation would be to face a challenge with scalability. This means that the project needs to have the possibility to exponentially grow.

Another aspect very important that every development team needs to to consider is to decide who handles which tasks. Therefore, you can know the status of each specific task and who is responsible for each one. Roles must be established within the team, so the team manager can be aware of who is responsible for each part of the project.


Smart goals

The team has to be aware at all times of which are the main objectives of the project, and the steps that must be followed to complete it. The tasks to reach the final goal must be reviewed every day. Besides, if there is any doubt about the tasks or any problem this needs to be solved as soon as possible. Following this process, we can make sure that the failures and obstacles are controlled and solved in time.

If the developers start their workday and lose their vision towards the objectives, if they don’t know what is the goal that they are coming after, then there is a clear problem in the software development project. In consequence, the project probably won’t improve unless a solution is found.

Software Development project

Agile Management Methodology

The team has to be clear about the methodology to be worked on, as well as the work software development process, what steps need to be followed…

The developers will know how to act in each moment. They will have enough autonomy to make decisions and solve problems when they are required. However, within the development process, they will comply with the rules of the methodology and will do everything on their part so that the delivery times are fulfilled successfully.

The Agile Scrum methodology in a software development process is a solution that helps companies achieve this principles and prevents problems from accumulating over time, due to the daily reviews.


Active contribution of the client

The participation of the client in making decision process is an important piece for a successful final product. The analysis by the client is mandatory in the development process.

The software development company must understand each client’s requirement, their needs, and the project’s functions that they will perform.

Don’t forget that each business or project is different, so you always have to find the professionals that advise your company better and find the best way to adapt to your needs.

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