Telecom Services

Telecom Services

Business Telecommunication Specialists

We provide telecom services such as support in the field of design, (pre-) engineering, as well as registration and assurance of the installed base. Besides, we play a role in this field with provisional management and support, leadership, and coaching.  

Telecom services

Telecommunication Solutions designed for your Business Success

Cable Route Management

Our team of specialists aims to route the cables from A to B without simplifying the creation of points of failure and the maintenance of the cable routing during the life-cycle. Thereby, saving substantial costs.

Installed Base Reverse Design Engineering

With reverse engineering, we derive the functionality of the design from the end product (the installed base). Based on data structures and information systems, we provide efficient and cheaper designs to guarantee the operation’s success.

Internet Services

Our telecommunications experts can deliver outstanding internet services. We offer super-fast internet connection via fiber or DSL to running various services with this connection.

Alternative Optical Bandwidth Solutions

We provide quality fiber optic connection with high availability. Uniquely cutting brandwidth for businesses use at a fraction of the original costs.

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