The future is now: the growth of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, we are experimenting first-hand how social media is transforming our lives. Not only through the way we interact with other people, but also how we spend our time. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society is expected to be bigger than this

We have started to see how artificial intelligence is influencing our world on a small scale. For instance, how Spotify recommends us what we should listen next according to our preferences. However, due to continuous technological advances, in the next decades, no aspect of our life will escape from AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a branch of computer science that consists of the application of human intelligence on informatic systems, to allow them to think and make decisions like humans. As Seeking Alpha states in their article Artificial Intelligence, Explained, AI can be generally described as “machines designed to complete any task which would normally require human intervention”

Therefore, AI works to enable machines or computers to self-learn as they face new conditions or situations, without being necessarily programmed for this new situation.

Advantages Artificial Intelligence

The advantages of artificial intelligence go across all industries. From artificial intelligence in medicine to sports betting, hotels, retail, supply chain management, cyber security, banking and financial industry, etc. 

For instance, regarding the benefits of artificial intelligence in medicine, AI can help medical professionals to avoid possible mistakes. AI can give clinical decision assistance during crucial situations. 

On another complete different sector such as marketing, AI also presents many advantages. Applying AI advances can enhance customer experience by providing shorter waiting times at supply chain operations. Also, it can display more personalized ads on Google, for instance.

Artificial Intelligence

“AI is a branch of computer science that consists of the application of human intelligence on informatic systems, to allow them to think and make decisions like humans”.

Some of the benefits of artificial intelligence are that it can deliver unique operational performance and make consumers happier. Also, it can improve services’ quality, help professionals make better decisions or generate value, among other benefits.

Before proceeding to effectively implement AI solutions, your company needs to have a clear and well-defined vision of how AI is going to be used. You should now what is the purpose of using AI in your own company. This can help you make the most of your inversion. It is also advised to, firstly, apply the AI changes to a specific area of the enterprise before it is widely applied. So, you can study the impact and avoid possible problems expansion to other areas of the company. It’s also important to consider the company culture in order to apply it correctly.

Artificial Intelligence can help the Environment

The use of AI in the environment can create a more sustainable future by forecasting climate change and its influence on our planet.

There is increasing awareness about climate change and its downside effects. Hence, technological giants such as Microsoft have promoted projects in which AI is used to build a more sustainable tomorrow. In those projects, AI is used to study climate, biodiversity, water, and agriculture. Moreover, AI has been used to fight species extinction and fire fighting.

Therefore, the collaboration of the human being together with the AI can help to achieve social and environmental well-being by improving decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics

Due to the tremendous impact that AI can have on our society in the coming years, it is important to consider artificial intelligence ethical issues. That’s why it will be needed laws to regulate and control the uses of AI and to avoid abuses. We know that, usually, the regulation comes after innovations. 

However, it’s important that data science leaders and the technology industry start addressing this topic in order to set some rules and boundaries. Besides, this may help governments to create proper laws. Moreover, at the same time, it can enhance customers security and trust.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Jobs

AI is a wide field so different professional profiles are required for different tasks. From data scientists to machine learning engineers, software engineers or business intelligence developers. These profiles are expected to master a mix of skills and knowledge. Their required expertise goes from statistics to maths, engineering, and science. This allows them to process, analyze and interpret big databases. Transforming raw data into useful insights for the company. 

Due to the concrete expertise that it is required, the velocity of which data are created and the importance of data in our world, there’s a growing demand of these profiles. However, it has become a challenge for many companies to recruit these profiles.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

If you are looking to implement an AI project at your company, at Koukio Solutions we can help you. We have more than 12 years of experience providing services for companies all over Europe. Our team of experts can help you to develop your idea and turn it into reality. 

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Contact us to get professional advice on how can AI be executed in your business. 

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